handlettered happy hour {2}

Cranberry Frisky on dotted design

Happy Friday! I’m back with the second in my super simple cocktail recipe, perfect for your holiday sipping.

I’m an old man in that whiskey is my liquor of choice. Somewhere along the lines, my family invented a great mixed drink we call the Frisky: simply Fresca and whiskey. The citrus and the smokey are a lovely blend. Here, I’m adding a splash of cranberry for a more wintery feel, and because it reminds me of one of my favorite Thanksgiving sides: the cranberry sauce from a can. All you need to do is pour, stir, and find a festive straw for sipping. Cheers!


take note of these 8 notepads

Notepad round up on dotted design

Making a list, checking it twice?

While I’m a constant list maker, the quantity of lists always seems to multiply this time of year. Whether you’re planning your menu for Thanksgiving, tallying up all the niece and nephew gifts, or acting really ambitious and thinking ahead to New Year’s plans, I’ve rounded up this lovely group of notepads for you.

The Collaboreat is all about pie this week, and I wrote a little post all about the delicious Honeypie Cafe: check it out!

And, if you haven’t checked out the newly added holiday cards in my shop, be sure to take a peek!

notepads: 1. checkered market list | 2. dear me | 3. weekly list | 4. hearts & dots | 5. happy note | 6. geometric |  7. procrastinate | 8. get ‘er done

handlettered happy hour {1}

Bourbon Apple Cider on dotted design

I’m excited to start a new mini series today that I’m calling Handlettered Happy Hour! I’ve gathered up some of the best and most simple recipes for holiday beverages that are perfect after a long day of shopping, during a family gathering, or even just while under a blanket on a cold Tuesday evening. And of course, it’s much more fun to hand letter the recipe.

This first one is great in crockpot: simply simmer your cider with cinnamon until it is warm, then add the bourbon when serving according to how strong you want it. Or, just pop a mug in the microwave for a single serving. This one feels very autumnal, even though it’s already feeling very wintery outside.

Enjoy and hope you have a restful weekend!



designing a dessert.

dessert design

One of my dream projects would be to design a complete logo, brand, and packaging project for a dessert or bakery line. It’s impossible to feel anything but delight when selecting a cookie, piece of pie, or chocolate bar, and designing a chic, delicious look would be oh-so fun.

Maybe I’m hungry, but I’m just loving these sweet [no pun intended] packaging designs, and they are inspiring me to try my own. What makes your eye gravitate towards a particular product or package?

images via cookie box | cookie dough | chocolate sauce | Provo bakery | muffin wrapper | sugar

October highlights.

october on dotted design Happy Halloween! What a month it has been. I must say, it really throws you off when your month starts off with a travel. Though it can be overwhelming to come back to your clients that have a flurry of projects to work on, I always find it kind of exhilarating to get back into the routine. Here are just a few of the month’s highlights:

  1. B and I had a fantastic trip to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. Though I ate many more meat & potato meals than I normally would choose to, it was so wonderful to see such beautiful buildings and history. Prediction: Budapest will be the next big travel destination. It was magical.
  2. My lady Hilary launched a new membership site I designed for the students in her Style & Styleability course, and we created a beautiful new journal for the class. {It’s hard not to have fun when working on such stylish projects.}
  3. I started work on a new project that involves lots of typography fun and a bit of handlettering {outtakes above!} that I can’t wait to share more about. Hint: it’s very girly.
  4. I got a start on my holiday projects – yes, this means new items are coming to the shop in November! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?

Rapid fire round! This month’s favorite…
Font: Acustica
Snack: Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter. On anything.
TV show: Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It’s like I’m 15 again.
Book: Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. A fast, intriguing read!

What was the best part about your month? And, I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to in these last two months of the year!

moodboard: a modern man.

Manly Moodboard on dotted design

Today I am excited to share the moodboard for a web design project that’s been in the works since this summer. The brand is a very stylish girl who is offering styling and wardrobe services to male clients who are either too busy or handle their clothes or are looking for some professional guidance in their style. She herself is quite sophisticated and chic, and her business is all about style, service, and ease for her clients. I thought her business concept was so clever (I’ve only ever seen stylists catering to women, with perhaps an occasional man on the roster) and her aesthetic so up my alley that I had to be a part of it.

Her website needed a clean, modern aesthetic; simple and to the point for the busy businessman she appeals to. It had to both be masculine enough for her clients while also letting her own sense of style shine through. We settled on of mix of typefaces, including bold block letters and light, easy handwritten-type fonts {though nothing frilly} for occasional accents. The base of the color palette is black and white, with pops of cobalt and just a touch of poppy.

The website should be wrapping up soon, so I’ll be sharing it as soon as it’s live!